The Signature Cocktail – A Reception Hit

The Bellamy of 30A offers a unique and special treat for receptions, and it has quickly become a hit for all attendees- The Signature Cocktail. These pre-mixed, delightfully infused cocktails offer enough variety, so there is something for everyone. The presentation offers a nice touch to a bar setup that sets it apart from the ordinary.

Looking for something light and flavorful when it’s hot outside? The Bellamy Fizz is the perfect compliment to the heat. Guys, looking for a smooth drink to warm you up in the chillier evenings of the fall? The Old Fashioned is a fantastic offering for your guests.

Let’s face it- picking what to include in the bar at the wedding reception can be a daunting task. You want to please all your guests, but your budget is important to you as well. The Signature Cocktail offers the nice touch of a fantastic flavorful mixed drink that also cuts down the wait time in line. Selecting one of the many offerings can be a simple way to make a lot of guests happy.

When normal mixed drinks and beer won’t do, make a choice that you will not regret- spice up the reception and the bar with a Signature Cocktail.

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