Beach Ceremony – Public vs. Private

If you are planning on having a beach ceremony on 30A then obtaining a permit is an absolute must for both private and public beach accesses. On February 17th, the BCC passed Resolution 2017-6 which set the fees for special events. The fees listed below will be charged per event.

$50.00 for less than 10 people
$150.00 for 10 to 30 people
$250.00 for 31 to 50 people
$500.00 for 51 to 75 people
$1,000.00 for 76+ people

If all this permit talk makes your head spin, then we have 4 words for you: Hire a Wedding Planner! They’ll do all the leg work for you in terms of permits and logistical planning so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

The Bellamy of 30A has a private beach ceremony location and when you book the private beach for your wedding ceremony the permit cost and process for obtaining the permit is included in the total cost.

A lot of pedestrian photo bombs is just one of the things you might have to contend with at a public beach. There may also be numerous scheduled activities including cleaning, construction, public events, etc. that could occur at the same time as your ceremony.

Having a beach ceremony is one thing, but if you’re dreaming of a seaside reception as well, you’re in for a whole other level of complexity. And in many cases, partying on the beach isn’t even allowed. Our advice? Say “I Do” on the sand and then move the celebration to The Bellamy of 30A’s private reception venue.

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